When Are Dungeness Crab in Season?


The dungeness crab season starts in the month of October. This delicious crabs are fully matured during this time. Crab fishers avoid catching them when they are too small, molting, or breeding so as not to sacrifice their stock.
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Right now on the Oregon Coast! Cooking some for dinner right now!
This varies by state and sometimes by region and also whether you are a commercial fisherman or not. Recreational crabbing in California usually opens around mid-November and runs
1. Prepare a 12-quart or larger pot with steamer insert by filling it with 3 to 4 inches of water. Place a metal colander in the bottom of the pot if you do not have a steamer basket
1 Pick up the claw with both hands. Don’t be a hero and try to use one. Ad 2 Apply pressure to the crab’s major joint with your hands, crab tools, or miscellaneous table
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