How to Make Duplicate Car Keys?


You can have a duplicate car key made from your dealer. When this is not possible there are other options. Key makers are usually able to assist car owners.
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What the dealer paid for your car from the manufacturer would depend on the type of car that you are buying. They usually pay around 8% above the price of the car to get the car plus
1. Find a location that has a key copying machine in its facility. Stores like building supply shops, auto repair shops and mechanic shops often have these machines. Some gas stations
The correct location is the dealer you purchased the car from. This is not the most affordable. Unfortunately, this has less to do with technology and more to do with the legal terms
mine was around $150 to have duplicated at the dealership.
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Duplicate car keys can be made at a tool shop, locksmith, or your local home improvement store. Newer keys, like the remotes, will need to be ordered from the ...
Duplicate car keys can usually be made at stores like Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and Home Depot. However, some specialized keys must be made at a dealership that matches ...
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