What is the difference between Duracell and Energizer?


Various studies have shown Duracell batteries to be better than energizer batteries when it comes to long lasting power. Duracell outperforms Energizer, but the difference in performance is not extreme. However, Energizer batteries are usually cheaper than Duracell.
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Duracell by far. We tried various brands in a TV studio for wireless microphones, and Duracell did the best. Most professional use is Duracell, as far as I have seen. (This is for
Energizer is better because it lasts longer, is more efficient, it is cheaper, IT IS BETTER QUALITY, has different colors, and who doesn't like the pink bunny.
For continuous usage non-stop, I would recommend the Duracell. However, for
Duracell offers the most power and lasts the longest out of just about every battery type! Text us!
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