What are the duties of a bank teller?


Bank tellers are also referred to as cashiers. Some of the duties they perform include collecting payments, savings, deposits, cashing cheques and also conducting wire transfers.
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Bank tellers receive and distribute money to customers on a routine daily basis. Basic duties include setting up new banking accounts, closing existing checking and savings accounts
Duties of a bank teller include: Ø Assisting customers with opening new accounts. Ø Accept loan payments. Ø Deposit or cash checks for customers. Ø Make
The most important thing are that your resume should project that you have: a) In depth knowledge. Do you have the technical skills for the job? This will assist the new employee
1 Ask yourself, why do you want to be a bank teller? Are you in it for the pay? Often in many cases bank tellers must do a lot of work and have a great deal of responsibility, but
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What Are the Duties of Bank Tellers?
A bank teller is a customer service agent responsible for processing routine transactions that customers carry out at banks. A bank teller shapes the first impression a customer will receive at a bank. Bank tellers handle large amounts of money on a... More »
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