How do you dye a leather sofa?


Dyeing a leather sofa involves spraying small sections with water and rubbing the dye into the area with a clean, soft cloth, according to Ways and How. Each coat of dye takes about two hours to dry. Deeper, darker results require multiple coats and drying breaks.

Dyeing a leather sofa is a lengthy but straightforward process. With the exception of moving the sofa to a ventilated work space, this is a one-person job. After transporting the sofa, place newspapers or drop cloths beneath and around it. Then dip a soft sponge in warm, soapy water, wring it out and gently run it over the sofa to remove dust and grime.

A preliminary acetone treatment prepares the leather to receive and retain the dye. Wearing protective gloves, dip a clean rag in acetone and wipe it over the entire surface. Then wet a small section of the sofa with tepid water from a clean spray bottle, and immediately apply dye to the wet area. Use a clean rag to apply the dye and gently rub it in.

After dying the whole sofa, let it dry. Repeat the wetting and dyeing process for each additional coat. Furniture Clinic Limited emphasizes the importance of letting the sofa dry before applying more dye. Seal the final dye coat with a spray sealant.

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Leather Dye for Sofas
Dying sofa leathers requires knowledge of the leather to be dyed. There are two broad categories of leather-dyed sofas. One in aniline and the other is nubuck. Aniline dyed leather is usually preferred because it maintains structure and grain pattern... More »
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