Dyed Hair Too Dark?


There have been a number of instances in which a person has dyed their hair too dark. This generally happens to those who have light colored or gray hair that takes well to hair dye. The best way to avoid dying hair too dark is to do a strand test prior to dying one's whole head. This is done by snipping a small strand of hair, applying a small pat of the mixture, and allowing it to cure. The strand test should be timed, once the hair has released the desired shade a person will then know how long to leave the mixture on the rest of their hair.
Q&A Related to "Dyed Hair Too Dark?"
Do not try dying over the dark color with a lighter one. If you dye your hair again on top of the already dyed hair, you can (and probably will) damage it badly. To get rid of the
1. Buy a color-protecting Shampoo and Conditioner-Paul Mitchell has a great amount of products for dyed hair. Ad. 2. Don't shampoo your hair everyday! Shampooing your hair can strip
Go to a beauty supply store, and get a box of hair bleach. I recently went through this! I had dyed my hair black (from blonde to red to brown) and decided I was tired of it. I first
The color will fade with time, dont wash it multiple times in one day just to make it lighter. You can damage your hair by washing it alot. Especially if you are washing it with dish
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