How to Die Black Hair Lighter?


Dying black hair lighter does not mean the underlying pigment must be bleached. To dye black hair without bleaching, treat your hair using natural lightener before you colour it. Wash the hair normally but finish with a rinse of lemon juice mixed with water in the ratio 1 to 1. With the lemon mixture in your hair, spend several minutes in the sun. Repeating this for some days every time you shampoo your hair sets the environment for a better result from a hair dye. Get a hair dye complimenting your skin tone and follow the instructions to dye your hair.
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Color black hair brown it is advisable to "lift" the color 1st by bleaching it to a
1. Apply a deep conditioner to your hair. Comb the conditioner throughout the hair and detangle the hair. 2. Decide on the color you want to dye your hair. Pay attention to the color
Try putting some lemon juice diluted with water on your hair for a few minutes while you're out in the sun.
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