How can you tell when a turtle has died?


It is probably going to be obvious to tell when your turtle has died. It will probably look a little funny and grey. It will also probably become quite cold.
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turtles die because they are hunted for their shells. also what many people don't know is that the spine of a turtle and the ribs are part of their shell. so when you remove the shell
Pond sliders can live for 42 yrs in the wild, though most don't live past 30 yrs. Hope this helps!
There's a multitude of potential answers. A FEW signs of a seriously ill turtle are: lethargic. not eating. swollen eyes. open-mouth breathing. tilted to one side when swimming. white
Federal officials are investigating whether aggressive shrimpers are causing the deaths of endangered sea turtles. They are showing up with no signs of oil.
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