What is a Dyson DC14?


A Dyson DC14 is a model of bagless vacuum cleaner that is designed to clean all floor types. This vacuum features Root Cyclone Technology, which provides constant, reliable suction.

The Dyson DC14 easily adapts to different floor types. Stopping the brushbar is good for cleaning delicate floors, such as wood, ceramic or vinyl. This vacuum also automatically adjusts to accommodate different carpet heights. A 17-foot telescoping wand makes cleaning stairs easy. The Dyson DC14 has a washable pre-motor filter, a post-motor electrostatic filter and a lifetime HEPA filter, which allow the vacuum to return clean air back into the room.

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1. Make sure that the vacuum is on "Carpets" mode and that the handle is reclined. 2. Remove and check the washable filter by first pressing "Release Button A"
Dyson DC14 All Floors HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum. Ideal for all floor
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A Dyson DC14 vacuum can be purchased directly from Dyson, as well as from various homeware stores such as Argos or John Lewis. They can also be purchased from online mega-retailers
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