What Is the Meaning of Welding Electrode E7018?


The meaning of welding electrode E7018 is a designation. E indicates that it is an electrode. 70 indicates that it has a tensile strength of 70,000 psi. 1 means that it can be used in all positions when welding.
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E. = Electrode. 70. = 70 thousand tensile strength. 1. = All position welding. 8. = lime-floridecoating,iron powder,bonded with sodium silicate(Flux)
E7018 is the same as Weldmark. It is the most efficient general
From memory, I think the 70 in 7018 refers to the tensile strength in thousands of pounds per square inch, which would make the answer 70000lbs. But the 70 could be a nominal strength
There was an old standard for marking welding electrodes by the colors of the dots. Black meant the XXX8 family of Lo-Hi electrodes. I am not sure why Lincoln has always used 3 dots
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