How to Date an E. Ingraham Clock?


An E. Ingraham old clock can be found from antique shops and some museums. To date an E. Ingraham Clock, start by naming the company on the front plate then look for two numbers and stamp on the front plate. Find gothic-style clocks, either rounded or sharpened tops or then place on the either sides of the face clock. Visit for more information.
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1. Look for the name of the company on the front plate, which can be viewed by removing the clock movement. The company changed names several times as Elias and his brother Andrew
I do not have a copy, but Tran Duy Ly has published books covering most American Clocks. I feel certain your model is listed in his Ingraham book, with a catalog cut, the year(s)
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Adjusting the chimes on an old Ingraham pendulum clock restores the natural tone and resonance played at quarter-hour intervals with an additional count strike at the top of each
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