How is E=Mc2 related to the atomic bomb?


The equation E=Mc2 is most commonly associated with Albert Einstein and his role in the development of atomic weapons that were used to end World War 2. The mathematical equation states that energy is equal to mass times that is squared. When a radioactive material is bombarded with high explosives it creates an explosion with is exponentially larger. The devastating force of an atomic bomb is capable of destroying an entire city and all the people within it.
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Albert Einstein created it.
They know the mass of Uranium before fission and the mass of possible elements that will result after the fission, the second being slighly less massive. It means the missing mass
Albert Einstein did not work directly on the atom bomb. He was abou...
: This equation has been largely misunderstood and misrepresented. It is often shown in complex mathematical derivations and is said to literally describe matter mysteriously converting
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