Eagle Feathers Significance in Native Culture?


The significance of eagle feather within the native culture is quite important. The Native Americans put the eagle next to God and receive the greatest respect and sympathy. The eagle is known to be the master of the sky. The eagle is said to represent honesty, courage, wisdom, power, and freedom. Eagle feathers are commonly seen on headpieces that are worn by those who are chiefs in the native community. The bald eagle feathers are amongst the most coveted.
Q&A Related to "Eagle Feathers Significance in Native Culture?"
A distinction must be made between the fans carried today by both sexes and even small children in modern "powwows" and dance competitions and those carried historically
The eagle is a symbol of truth, power & freedom. When one holds the
A white plume or flight feather all represent the spiritual powers to a holy man/woman. Only that of the eagle are considered holy! Ask us anything, 24/7!
Eagle feathers were given as an honor for something the warrior or person did. They were not handed out for the sake of someone having one. Any raptor (hawk,etc) feather was used
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