What is a good science project on Earth's layers?


Making a cutaway-model of the Earth’s layers is a fine science project for lower elementary school students who are not usually restricted to experiment-centered projects. Making a model of the Earth’s layers is an educational and visually impressive project. There are a variety of materials, techniques and approaches that will work, but most feature differently colored materials to represent the various layers of the planet.

The Earth has four primary layers. All of the various organisms that live on Earth do so on the crust, the thinnest of the four layers. Immediately inside the crust, the 1,800-mile-thick layer of semi-solid rock called the mantle separates the crust from the planet’s core. The Earth’s core is divided into two parts, called the outer core and the inner core. The outer core is molten rock, while the inner core is a solid, dense lump of iron.

These layers can be portrayed for a science project by using different materials to represent each of the four layers. For example, a red lump of clay may represent the inner core, while a layer or yellow clay around it can represent the outer core, followed by a blue layer for the mantle and a brown layer for the crust.

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Science Projects on the Layers of the Earth
There are so many ways to study the earth. Earth science is a comprehensive field and one that can be a lot of fun in the classroom. There are a variety of ways that students can understand the layers of the earth and understand the various principles... More »
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