Earth on Turtles Back Onondaga?


Earth on Turtle's Back (Onodanga) is a story that tries to explain how the earth begun. This story showed that the Onodanga placed importance on dreams. This is because after the chief's wife dreamt about the Great Tree being uprooted and it led to the formation of the earth.
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The Earth On Turtle's literature shows
"Earth on Turtle's Back" is an Onandago Native American creation myth that has been retold by Joseph Bruchac and Michael J. Caputo. You can read it in Voices in Literature
That theory was attributed to scientist Bertrand Russell, who was accosted by an elderly woman with a similar flat world belief.
Many American Indian early histories tell of events that took place on this Turtle continent (North America) long before any so-called ice age: "In the creation story, the earth
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The symbolism of the turtle changes with where you are and who you ask. To the Native Americans, the Earth sits on the back of a giant turtle. To early Christians ...
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