Easiest Way to Remove Linoleum?


The easiest way to remove square by square linoleum is with a sharpened putty knife or combination of different sizes of putty knifes. The knives dislodge the adhesive. It makes it easy to pull up that way.
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I usually just use a sharpened putty knife or combination of different sizes of putty knifes. Usually they come up pretty easy. Make sure you get the old adhesive of the floor if
1. Grasp the utility knife and press the blade down between the rear of a line of caulk and the tile or fixture along which it was originally placed. 2. Slice down through the line
Soak the paper with hot water and scrape with a 4 " razor scraper, but you ll still have the glue to deal with. And depending what your putting back down, you may or may not
The best way to remove it is with acetate. You can get it from a pa...
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The Best Way to Remove Linoleum
Linoleum flooring has a reputation of being difficult to remove. That reputation is only partially deserved. The best method for removing linoleum flooring is fairly straightforward: peel off the linoleum and remove the adhesive. The adhesive, however,... More »
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