How do you decorate an Easter bulletin board?


Shade a wooden cardboard in a new Easter shade like blue, orange or pink; by pushing pins, hang Easter-inspired design from the cardboard, energize up a dull cardboard by sticking dry or false flowers around the border of it, enhance a touch of spring by buying false flowers in a variety of colors. For a cheerful look, cover the cardboard with a piece of pastel-colored wrapping paper, slice large letters out of construction paper, and pin messages on the board like Happy Easter and make a memory collage on the cardboard using pictures from previous Easters.
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1. Paint a wooden bulletin board in a fresh Easter shade, such as pastel pink, blue, yellow or green. You can paint the perimeter of the board in one solid color, or paint each side
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Bulletin Board Ideas for Easter
Teachers use thematic bulletin boards around Easter to help create a positive environment in their classrooms. Bulletin boards can be informational, displaying class schedules and daily reminders for students. Around Easter, students' work can be... More »
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