How do you decorate an Easter bulletin board?


Decorate an Easter bulletin board just as you would any other board. Begin with a background color, add a border, and hang student art work or seat work. Art work for Easter includes decorated egg shapes and bunnies. Use cut-out letters to spell out your desired message.

  1. Decide on a theme

    Choose the theme for your board. Popular Easter themes are decorated eggs and bunny rabbits.

  2. Cover the board

    Cover the board with colored paper or cloth. For bunny themes, cover the top third of the board with blue for sky, and cover the remainder of the board with green for grass. For an Easter egg theme, choose a color that makes the eggs stand out.

  3. Add a border

    Purchase a pre-made border from a teacher supply or craft store. Alternately, cut your own border from pieces of paper. Hang the border with a stapler.

  4. Instruct students to complete art or seat work

    Instruct your students to complete the work you are hanging on the board. Colorful Easter eggs or bunny face masks are good choices.

  5. Hang students' work

    Attach your students' work to the bulletin board. Arrange the artwork in a way that complements your theme.

  6. Add words if desired

    Add a sentence or phrase to your board if you desire. Hang pre-made letters with a stapler.

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