Easy Crafts for Seniors?


Not Just Bingo is a source for senior activities and easy craft ideas. It offers a calendar of events on a monthly basis that can be adapted for use anywhere. The first day of the month of February in 2013 offers the activities of Wear Red Day and a bubble blowing contest. They also suggest Leading Men and a Hula Social. The calendar offers easy crafts for seniors suggestions and activities that will last the whole year through.
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Use the Seniorville crafts and hobbies website to find suitable arts and crafts ideas. Seniorville provides various links to arts and crafts ideas for seniors ranging from simple
Origami? paper cutting. clay. kite. embroidery(not easy to learn)
Old Jean purse. You'll need Old Jeans, needle and thread or sewing machine, trim or
Children love having a secret place to store their treasures. And they love easy crafts. Now you can combine the two with this easy treasure chest craft that doubles as a jewelry
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Easy Crafts for Seniors
Homemade cards, bath salts and peanut butter bird feeders are a few crafts that are simple, easy and enjoyable for senior citizens. These three crafts are easy to do and they're also easy on the budget. The senior crafter can enjoy the finished product... More »
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