Easy Crafts for Teen Girls?


Teenagers can enjoy working on a lot of crafts. This will totally depend on what materials they have available and how much the parents are willing to spend for them to create crafts. For some ideas, you can visit this link:
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1 First you Will need- a CD with no words, a piece of her favorite color string, a hot glue gun (or long lasting glue), paint (Glow in the dark, Pink, Purple, Blue, etc. ), paintbrushes
I think that preteens would want to make somthing colorful and useful.I think that you shoud get a pin board and paint it the preteen's favorite color.Let it dry then get paint stamps
Some craft ideas for teen girls include jewelry making like beaded
Check out this site: www.favecrafts.com. They have all kinds of crafts, all skill levels, and some really cute ideas for decorating! Source(s) I go on this site all the time! :
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Easy Crafts for Teen Girls
E-reader envelopes, compact disc drink coasters, bandana beach bags and fancy beaded teacups are four easy projects your teen can make in a single sitting. Each of these projects is inexpensive and fun to make, and creates an item to keep for herself or... More »
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