Easy Crochet Baby Blanket?


To find a quick and easy baby blanket to crochet, look for a pattern that uses a large hook and simple stitches. Often craft and yarn shops often have free patterns. Worsted weight yarn is thick and when combined with a large hook will work up a blanket quickly.
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1. Look through crochet magazines, books or online for patterns and designs. Cut out or print out your favorite design(s). Select a pattern for your blanket. You can also combine
1 Decide on a size. Baby blankets come in different sizes. Before you begin, you'll need to decide what size blanket you're going to make. Here are some common sizes for infant and
you crochet a baby blanket by double crocheting all the way across. you dont have to double crochet but that is how I make my baby brother blankets.
Sharlene writes, Do you have any easy crochet blanket patterns? I'm looking for something I can just relax with for a couple of hours each evening and maybe when I have downtime on
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Easy Baby Blankets to Crochet
Yarn companies have special lines of yarn just for little ones. The colors and textures are soft and perfect for a baby blanket. If you crochet, a treasured gift for a new baby is a blanket. Even if you don't know anyone with a baby or one on the way,... More »
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