Eating Cornstarch Be Harmful to Your Body?


Cornstarch is a corn derivative. It is used as a thickening agent. It is not toxic but can cause mineral deficiencies. Someone that craves cornstarch is said to have a condition called pica. Adults and children can suffer from pica. Eating a large amount of cornstarch can lead to anemia, ulcers, acid reflux, and mineral loss. To much cornstarch ingested can also lead the person to have severe constipation. If you have this problem, talk with a doctor as soon as possible.
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What i can say that cornstarch do to the body is it makes you gain a lot of weight yes, you do eat probably maybe 1 to 2 boxes a day and then on top of that you drink sodas and other
None. There is no danger. The only dangerous out of date dry substance would be Pancake mix. Never fool around with that because it contains a deadly spore. that releases when liquid
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There's no official number for that, but a recent study says people who eat cantaloupe regularly have a 40% reduced chance of developing cataracts! So eat up!
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