EBAY Complaint?


EBay has a complaint department where you can look up and ascertain what to do if you have an issue. To begin you will want to contact the seller that you have an issue with and allow them to fix the issue. If this doesn't work you can open an eBay Buyer Protection case in the Resolution Center. Your case should be resolved with in seven days after you have filed in the Resolution Center.
Q&A Related to "EBAY Complaint?"
1. Open your web browser of choice and navigate to eBay. 2. Sign in to your eBay account using the text link located to the right of the eBay logo at the top of the main page. 3.
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Paypal to get your money back, ebay to get the user banned. Ebay does not deal with your money, so contact Paypal (assuming you paid by them) To the person below me, Ebay and Paypal
Sold a power steering computer on ebay last week. It was removed from a faulty column, but prior to selling it, i installed it on a working column and ran diagnostics on it... It
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