How to Buy a Car on EBAY Motors?


You can buy a car on eBay motors, the same way you would purchase any item on eBay. EBay has a section where you can narrow down the type of car you want and pinpoint a car near your location. EBay then acts as the 'middle man' when closing the sale. Once you find the car you like, you can bid and then even apply for a loan right on eBay.
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1. Sign in to eBay (see Resources below) 2. Click "Sell. 3. Select "Sell an eBay Motors Item. 4. Pick a category. You can choose to sell a car or truck, a motorcycle, a
1 Register for an account on eBay if you do not have one already. Go to and click on "Register" near the top of the screen. Fill out all the information
Make an offer, and meet in the middle. Keep in mind most cars have an average of 2500 in markup depending on price. Cars below $15,000 have about $1500 - 2000. Also keep in mind most
If you are considering purchasing your classic car on eBay Motors, or on one of the other web auction sites, you are not alone.eBay is considered to be the dominant force in classic
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eBay Motors is a section of the eBay website. This is where sellers can sell cars and other motor vehicles. ...
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EBay has a site where you can find cars and other automobiles. You can do a search to find any year, make, or model of vehicle. You can also do a search by type. ...
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