How to track your Ebay sales?


First, you will want to sign up for Ebay Sales Manager. It cost $5 a month, but it is money well spent. It includes the Ebay accounting assistant which allow you to download up to the past two months in Ebay sales. After you do this you will have a
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you will get a tracking number through your ebay messeges, or if ythey printed a shipping label through paypal then it will have something next ot it that says track shipment.
Tracking is where you can go on a website and see where a package is based on the updates provided by the shipper. It would depend on who you go with. When you ship the package, you'd
When you buy something on Ebay they should send you out an email that would
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To find your eBay tracking number, go to 'My eBay' then your purchase history. You can then view the tracking number under the item listing. ...
The Canada Post tracking number system is updated daily to follow the items that are being shipped. A person will be able to find out when the item was delivered ...
You can track your eBay item by clicking the series of numbers just below the item title in your user interface. It appears when the seller uses USPS to ship. ...
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