Echostar Remote Codes?


The Zenith remote codes for Dish Network or Echostar should be entered into the decoder. The code for Dish Network is 389. The code for Echostar is 1049 or 0148.
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Zenith = 101, 142, 149, 177. Those are the codes for the
1. Ensure that the remote control has new batteries. It needs four AAA batteries. 2. Locate the mode buttons on the controller. You will see SAT, AUX, TV and VCR. SAT stands for the
Sanyo 590, 090, 683, 720, 500,183, 611 542, 589, 591, 592, 609. 1. Turn ON the device you want the remote to control, using the device’s buttons or the remote control that came
You can program your Sky Remote to your own cable box, but each code is different so there is no 1 answer to this question. You may have to reprogram your remote to a new code.
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