Ecological Balance?


Ecological balance is an balance within a community where the organisms remain stable and the changes are slow and gradual. A ecological balance must be retained in order for species to thrive comfortably in their habitat. Removal of things like plants, animals, trees and other natural items can shift the balance. This shifting can lead to a loss of something. The loss may be something like lost vegetation or animals or an increase in pollution.
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Ecological balance is to preserve nature, to keep the nature more natural. In Canada, an initiative was taken to grow trees across the country, to maintain the balance of oxygen and
The achievement of a steady state by an ecosystem, as in a climax community. This theoretical concept is rarely accomplished in practice as the controlling forces, such as climate
Ecological balance is important because without it, living beings would die and come to a point of extinction. Ecosystem is the constitution of every single element in this planet
This question explores trends in the types and numbers of species that live within ecological systems . The question also examines biological balance in terms of the proportional
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Ecological balance refers to the balance in the environment and all the organisms living in it. Ecological balance if very important for continued existence and ...
Ecological balance is maintained by attempting to control pollution. Also, protecting the water helps making sure certain items are not placed in the water which ...
The ecological importance of Protists are that they help keep the numbers of bacteria in balance with other organisms. As they feed on dead organisms, they help ...
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