What Are Examples of Ecological Fallacy?


Ecological Fallacy means that you draw a conclusion about a certain person or a group of people based on your observation of some other person or group of people. For example, it is found that the countries that consume more coffee have less cases of heart diseases. It is Ecological Fallacy to infer from this that drinking more coffee causes less heart diseases since there can be various other factors in action.
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Ecological fallacy takes place when you draw a claim about individual based on your observation of grouped or aggregated data. For example, observational studies have found that countries
An error of reasoning brought about by arguing that the relationship between properties of groups of people must apply to the people themselves (or vice versa). The analogous situation
An ecological fallacy is an error in the interpretation of statistical data. This can happen because the data collected is not good. For example, if a person sampled parents of
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