What Is Australia's Economic System?


Free market can be used to describe Australia's economic system. This involves trades, manufacturing, and finance.
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Economy of Australia
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $ 998,300,000,000 (2013 est.)
Export Value: $263.9 billion (2012 est)
Import Value: $239.7 billion (2012 est)
Labor Force: 12.27 million (2012 est)
Unemployment Rate: 5.2% (2012 est)
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what is it please respond.
Recently their economy has been brought back into good health. As a result of an
The economic system within an economy is the process and correlation between the production, consumption, and distribution of services and goods.
It's mixed economy, actually any country currently have mixed economies - the only question is about proportions between planned and market there is mix.
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The economic system is Australia is essentially a capitalist system with a free market built on manufacturing, trade, the service industry, and the finance industry ...
I believe that the impact of a mixed economic system on the citizens of Australia are both good and bad. You have capitalist sectors that help to funnel money ...
Australia has a mixed-market economic system in which there is a mixture of control by the government and freedom of individual enterprise and in which the basic ...
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