What Economic System Philippines Belong?


The economic system in the Philippines is classified as a newly industrialized economy. It does have an emerging market. Over the last few years it has the fastest growth recorded in the last 34 years.
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The economic system of the Philippines is developed through the exportation of goods and the tourism that we had. Every region in the Philippines has it's own product like banana,
There are four types of economic systems. They would include the traditional, market, command and mixed economies. They all cover the item to be produced, how much should be produced
The Philippines is a republic with elected officials and executive,
Work - pay your taxes. That is the answer I gave my teacher & she accepted it.
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Economy of Philippines
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $ 454,300,000,000 (2013 est.)
Export Value: $50.96 billion (2012 est)
Import Value: $65 billion (2012 est)
Labor Force: 40.36 million (2012 est)
Unemployment Rate: 7% (2012 est)
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The economic situation of the Philippines is fairly stable, showing both growth and positive performance. According to the Heritage.org 2014 Index of Economies ...
Economic System is addressed in three basic ways - How to,What to and for whom to produce.Japan Economic System is having great power all around the world.It follows ...
Economies worldwide fall into one of four categories: traditional, market, command and mixed. Within these categories, however, there is a considerable amount ...
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