Ecosystem Project Ideas?


If you would like to build a small ecosystem project, here are some ideas. One commonly seen underwater ecosystem is an aquarium populated with different plants and fish or other creatures. Another idea is to create an ant farm.
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1. Select an ecosystem as the subject of the project. Selecting a local ecosystem will allow for closer examination and hands-on opportunities. 2. Observe the ecosystem and describe
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Mountains Grasslands Oceans Islands Underwater.
1. Join a quilting bee, knitting circle or scrap booking club. Monthly meetings give the opportunities for exchanging ideas, showing off projects and doing group projects. This is
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Ecosystem Project Ideas
We think of ecosystems as being large areas, like the Everglades or Arctic Circle. But an ecosystem is simply a habitat that includes living organisms that are interrelated and interact to create a single environment. When you think of an ecosystem in... More »
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