How can you make an edible model of a cell?


To make an edible cell gather different types of candies. Using a diagram of a cell choose each candy to represent the different parts of the cell. Some candy that works well for making an edible cell are fruit roll ups, jello, jelly beans, raisins and gummy worms.
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Some of the ingredients you will need to make your very own edible cell is some Jello, paper plate, knife, your cell parts (Tic-Tacs, jelly beans, etc. and a plastic spoon. Once you
1. Cover the square pie crust with a thin layer of applesauce. This jelly-like layer represents the cytoplasm of the cell. 2. Place the jumbo marshmallow in the center of the pie
just make a chocolate shell, and add clear jello into it for the cytoplasm pizza crusts, and bread also works
I made a cake. Its pretty easy. Just buy some cake mix and bake it in a round pan. Then ice it with white frosting and draw in the structures using different colored icings. You can
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Edible Cell Ideas
Edible cells do double duty; they are tasty, and they help kids learn about science. Most middle schoolers have been assigned this popular project, which is to create a plant or animal cell out of completely edible items. All the organelles must be made... More »
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What ingredients you use to make an edible plant cell depends on what is easiest for you. You can use a cookie for the plant cell. You can use different types ...
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