What is an edible solar system project?


An edible solar system project is a young student incentive, whereby students learn about solar system using edibles. These edibles are made from fruits, candies or cookies after the lesson is over the students eat the food.
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1. Gather your planets. Get a total of 9 Styrofoam balls, sold at most craft stores, to represent the 8 planets and the sun. Your selection should include 3 small balls for Mercury,
styrofoam balls. paint. sticks. .
A solar system project is best done my doing a model, usually with
desalinate water (make salt water fresh) make a tent of clear plastic, put a pan of salt water underneath it. when the sun shines it will evaporate the fresh water from the salt which
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Edible Solar System Projects
Give young students an incentive to learn about the solar system with edible projects made from fruits, candies or cookies; once they have learned the lesson, let them eat the food. Create replicas of the planets, moons, sun, asteroids and space debris... More »
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It's very simple to make a solar system project for kids. All you need is a coat hanger, some Styrofoam craft balls, paint, and some string. Paint the balls to ...
To draw a simple drawing of the solar system for a project, start with a line that will serve as guide. Then draw a large circle to represent the Sun. Draw circles ...
There are a lot of fun solar system project ideas available online, especially via Pinterest. Making diagrams that are lifelike are the most fun. You can use plastic ...
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