What education is needed to be a chef?


To become a chef, the typical requirements are a high school education and a chef's trade certification. The certification is available in many colleges across the country. Like most other careers, having different training or lots of experience may offset these requirements, depending on the employer.
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Some chefs have no education beyond a high school diploma and on the job training, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many chefs work their way up through jobs at fast food
Cooking and food preparation are more skill-and experience-based than things learned in a classroom per se. Perhaps a home economics class will be of use, as would maths and English
An increasing number of chefs and cooks obtain their
Interesting question. Traditional sushi chef sets very high standard to become fully-fledged sushi chef. Most well-known chef do not satisfied their own sushi chef ability, so they
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Education Needed to Be a Chef
Chef encompasses many roles--food prep worker, cook, line cook, sous chef, chef de cuisine, personal chefs and more. Depending on the type of chef you want to be, different types of education are appropriate.... More »
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