What are the ticket prices at Edwards Cinema?


The Edwards Cinema in Fresno, Calif., charges $11.75 for a standard adult evening movie ticket as of April 2014. Each Edwards Cinemas location sets its own ticket prices.

Prices for tickets vary based on a variety of factors, including age, movie format and time of day. Movie tickets for shows that start in the morning or early afternoon hours may be available at a discount compared to the regular price. Tickets for children or senior citizens may be sold at lower prices than standard adult tickets. Finally, tickets for movies playing in a premium format, such as IMAX or 3-D, typically include a surcharge.

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For the Edwards Temecula Stadium 15 Cinemas General admission is: $9.50,
- It depends on the film. - usualy from £3.00-£7.00. - go to the website and it should tell you,
The running time for New Moon is 130 minutes. Tickets at the Edwards Theater are $11 for adults, $8.50 for children and seniors, and $10 for students/military. report this answer.
Weekend Evening Weekend Matinee Weekday Evening Weekday Matinee Apollo £5.50 £4.98 £5.37 £5.27 Arts Cinema £5.20 - - - Cineplexx £4.00 - - - Cineworld
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