Does the Pioneer EEQ Mosfet 50Wx4 include an auxilary input?


The Mosfet Pioneer 50wx4 includes an auxiliary input on the head unit. This port will accept a standard 3.5mm male headphone plug. Simply connect a male-to-male 3.5mm audio adapter cord to your iPod, and then to your head unit.
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To change the clock, enter into the settings
If your Pioneer has a cassette deck the simple solution is to use a CD adapter for cassette. These can be purchased from Amazon from about 1 pound. Works perfectly for me. ANDO
This works on most newer Pioneer models. 1. Press and HOLD the source button till the radio shuts off. ( 2. Press and hold the FUNCTION button until the display pops up, then release
Turn off the player, hold down the function button until it turns on taking you to a menu letting you set the time etc. Keep pressing the function until you get to the aux option,
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It is simple to learn how to set the clock on a Pioneer Mosfet 50wx4. Press the Clock button on the radio and the time will display. Press and hold the Function ...
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