How Do Detergents Effect Plant Growth?


Detergents with high levels of sodium, chlorine bleach have negative effects while those rich in potassium, ammonia and phosphate have positive effects on plant growth. Detergents with harmful ingredients cause destruction of soil structure by increasing the soil alkalinity and kill good soil bacteria thus incapacitating plant growth.
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The detergent does affect plant growth because the detergent has too much chemicals that are very poisonous to the plant!Tatiana<
Sun, water and constant care are just a few things that effect plant growth. There have been studies done that show music stimulates growth in plants, classical music being the best
Laundry detergents contain sodium, or salts. Salts are extremely toxic to most plants, and in addition, compromise the stability of ground soils. They pose no problem to plants if
Climate, environment, temperature, light, soil and water all effect the growth of
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Detergents have positive and negative effects on plant growth. When some plants are given a low concentration of detergent, they show signs of better growth and ...
There are many things that can effect plant growth. The climate and area of planting can have the most effect on plant growth. Plants have to have warmth, water ...
The effect of sugar on plant growth is that sugar helps a plant grow up to twice its size. Sugar is like a special fertilizer to plants. ...
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