What are some effects of land pollution?


Some of the effects of land pollution include soil pollution, negative environmental impacts, health hazards and air pollution. Another effect of land pollution includes unusual weather activity, such as acid rain.

Land pollution is caused by deforestation, agricultural activities, mining activities, overcrowded landfills, industrialization, nuclear wastes and sewage treatment. To cut back on land pollution, many steps should be taken. Individuals must recycle, reduce the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, avoid purchasing products that are packaged in excessive packing materials that will end up on the landfill and learn how to prepare and eat organic foods that are grown without pesticides.

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1. Improper disposal of waste from homes, offices, hospitals, stores and factories. causes garbage to pile up. 2. When farmers use too much inorganic fertilizers, the soil loses some
Land Pollution is mainly caused due to substances which are not bio degradable. It includes Plastic as main constituent. Also some chemicals & Acid are constituents.
Topsoil is a nonrenewable resource. When harmful chemicals and heavy metals contaminate the soil, the land becomes polluted. The contamination level of the soil is difficult to gauge
It kills plants, and therefore kills herbavors who eat those plants because there is nothing else to eat.
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The Effects of the Land Pollution
Land pollution can be described as any type of man-made waste that is deposited on land. According to Drexel University, Americans each produce up to five pounds of waste per day, and since only 2 percent of waste is actually recycled most trash is... More »
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Land pollution can bring detrimental effects not only to the environment but also to a human body. The chemicals from the polluted land can travel through the ...
Land pollution is the destruction of Earth's land surfaces through misuse of land resources by human activities. Polluted land has deposits of liquid and solid ...
Some of the effects of pollution include reducing lung functioning, cardiovascular problems, and premature death. It can also cause acid rain, food insecurity, ...
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