Effects of Being a Workaholic?


Being a workaholic can have many effects. A negative effect is that it can impact the time you should be spending with your friends and family. A positive effect is that you will make more money if you are paid by the hour. To stop being a workaholic, you need to take time everyday for yourself and your loved ones.
Q&A Related to "Effects of Being a Workaholic?"
1 Take the time to breathe; take regular breaks of five minute conscious deep breathing. This will firstly restore some oxygen to your brain, but also allow you to collect your thoughts
1. Change your values so that work is no longer the most important thing in your life. Unless you are truly convinced in your heart that there are some other things more valuable
They are usually stressed out.
A workaholic person may be successful in business, but unsuccessful in developing and keeping relationships. Enough is never enough and this unrelenting drive can lead to a huge mid-life
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