How Does Color Effect Human Behavior?


Effects of color on human behavior is knowing why we feel what we are feeling and is seen on the way we are happy or sad. A person who feels so happy is seen wearing clothes of vibrant colors in the shades of red or yellow. Someone who feels so gloomy pictures his world as gray or black.
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it doesnt.
It depends on the scope of the study. What I would suggest is firstly developing a hypothesis (blue is fear for example) Show the participant the colour blue,and then show them a
We use the expressions "seeing red" or "seeing blood" to represent extreme anger. We probably have evolved a mental response to the color of blood. Probably an
Geography effects human's by people living in different parts off the world
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A number of environmental factors may effect human behavior. Lighting, color schemes, textures, noise, and overcrowding can all influence a person's behavior ...
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