How Does Crime Effect Society?


One of the effects of crime on society is that it makes citizens feel less safe. It causes citizens to feel scared. Another effect is that due to crime, law abiding citizens must pay more for goods. Prices go up to make up for the inventory that was stolen. All people must give up some freedom because of crime. We must have security cameras for example.
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we need to increase our police and other forms of justice and prevention. we lose money in the economy from drug-related crime. it makes people afraid and pushes more anti-theft,
Crime effects people by making them fearful and changing most things in their life. For example parents aren't going to allow their children alone outside or at the supermarket will
It depends on if the crime is considered morally acceptable by many, and every situation is different. laws are just "guidelines" or words. Source(s) ?
The uninsured often seek medical care in hospital emergency rooms. Hospitals are usually not compensated for this care, an effect that ripples throughout the health care system. A
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Effects of Crime on Society
Crime is often glorified through movies and music. Crime happens in many forms and has different effects. Just about everyone in America has been exposed to some form of crime in their lifetimes, if not performing crimes themselves. Typically, crime is... More »
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