Effects of Exhaust Fumes?


There are several detrimental effects of exhaust fumes. One is that it contributes to the degradation of the ozone because of its production of carbon monoxide. It also contributes to the greenhouse effect.
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Automotive exausr (transportation fuel emissions) is a significant contributor to environmental problems. The emissions from auomobile exhast contain: Unburned hydrocarbon: Contributes
The Children's Health Study reported that children living within 250 feet of a major thoroughfare were 1 1/2 times more likely to suffer asthma symptoms than children with homes 975
Exhaust fumes include carbon monoxide. If you are in a closed area, those fumes
I work full time as a secretary at an automobile repair shop. My boss continuously props the door open between my office and the shop - which results in large quantities of exhaust
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The Effects of Exhaust Fumes
Whether you drive your own car or ride the bus, just about everyone deals with exhaust fumes on a constant basis. Exhaust fumes come from inefficiencies within the internal combustion engine and can have some serious short-term and long-term health... More »
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