Effects of Shabu?


Shabu or Methamphetamine, is an illegal and highly addictive drug that has many effects on the body, including: initial euphoria from stimulation of the nervous system, insomnia, memory loss and rage. Meth speeds up the metabolism making many of its users gaunt. There is condition known as 'meth mouth' which is the rapid tooth decay which occurs in the mouths of habitual users.
Q&A Related to "Effects of Shabu?"
Shabu is a prohibited drug. Said to be addictive and destructive. For occasional users like me, here are the effects: 1. Insomnia which can last for as long as three days 2. You feel
hmmm, i would have to know what is shabu
no it is not.the sooner the betterno it is not.the sooner the better.
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