What Is the Effect of Sleeping at Late Night?


The effects of sleeping late at night vary depending on the kind of work you do and how early you have to wake up. Usually sleeping late means you will wake up late in the day, especially if you expect to get at least 7 hours of sleep. If you have to wake up before getting 7 hours of sleep, which is the amount doctors recommend, you might end up feeling very sleepy at work. If you're sleepy at work you might not be able to do a good job.
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Effects of Sleeping Late
Getting a good night's sleep can be as important to your health as a good diet and exercise regimen. According to the National Sleep Foundation, Americans are not getting enough sleep. Nearly half of Americans, 43 percent, aged 13 to 64 rarely get a... More »
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You will be drowsy and can't wake up or think in the morning. I would not stay up on a school night. The consequences for lack of sleep are far more dramatic than being tired in the
Eat your dinner early:Have dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping.This will ensure proper digestion of the food and ensure good sleep.Going directly to bed after dinner can interfere
i'm studying psychology and sleep has been a big part of most of the classes i have taken, so far i haven't heard of anything like this. but not sleeping much is bad for you, sleeping
1 You can Eliminate distractions. Put away your alarm clock. It will distract you from sleeping longer. Make sure you shut and lock your doors you do not want any disturbance while
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Sleeping late is not actually unhealthy. Sleeping too much and too little will ultimately affect the health. ...
Sleeping late may be bad if you have school or work in the morning. Everyone has their own sleeping pattern. Whatever works for you is the best one for you. ...
The late coming of secondary school students can be caused by a wide range of factors due to heavy traffic, poor time planning and management, over-sleeping, ect ...
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