Effects of Water Moccasin Bites?


Water moccasins are big, antagonistic snakes typically found near water. They are found in an area of south-eastern USA and are a species of the pit viper. The side effects or symptoms of water moccasin bites are; having some burning pain around the area where you have been bitten, next are the nausea feeling and also diarrhoea, swelling, vomiting and redness at the place where the wound is.
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1. Call for emergency assistance as soon as possible. Try to keep the victim calm and restrict movement. Keep the affected area lower than the heart to slow the movement of the venom
A bite from a cottonmouth isn't a serious as a rattlesnake bite, but is still very serious. The venom is hemotoxic which destroys tissue. Within 15 minutes the limb will swell to
If you get bitten by a water moccasin: 1. Treat for shock. 2. Wash the wound
If you know or suspect a venomous water moccasin snake — also known as the cottonmouth moccasin snake — has bitten someone, prompt treatment is imperative. Symptoms include
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The Effects of Water Moccasin Bites
Water moccasins are large, aggressive snakes typically found near water. Their range covers the Eastern coastal plain from Texas to Virginia, and inland from Georgia to Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas, according to the Ohio Public Library Information... More »
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