Egfr Non African American?


The estimated glomerular filtrate rate or EFGR is a blood test that measures how much blood the kidneys are filtering. Doctors use the estimated Glomerular Filtrate Rate to determine whether the kidneys have been damaged. Egfr for a non African Americans is calculated differently from African Americans, since non African Americans do not have as much muscle mass as African Americans.
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kidney functions
The glucose is essentially the amount of sugar in your blood. This can be affected by the last time you ate, so they usually recommend a fasting (not eating anything for 8 hours)
The eGFR stands for estimated
If you could provide more information about your glucose level, that would help. If 105 mg/dL was your fasting, then it's in pre-diabetic range (100-125 mg/dL) If 105 mg/dL was taken
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