How to Build an Egg Catapult?


When building an egg catapult, you need wood 2feet long, metal hinge with screws and u-shaped nails. Get the 2 feet wood, place a metal hinge 6 inches away from one end of the wood, use screws to hold it in one place, place the other side of the hinge on a wooden spoon and screw it, put a big rubber band to the board using u-shaped nails, lastly put the loose end of the rubber band around the spoon. An egg catapult can be useful when carrying out an egg projectile project.
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1. Start with a 2-foot-long piece of wooden 2-by-4. 2. Attach a small metal hinge approximately 6 inches from one end of the wood. Use screws to secure it in place. Face the hinge
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How to Build an Egg Catapult
A well-designed egg catapult can be a simple, yet effective tool. The egg catapult is a fixture in many physics and basic science classes. Teachers may assign the building of a catapult as an individual or group project. Often, the resulting catapult is... More »
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