How to Build an Egg Catapult?


When building an egg catapult, you need wood 2feet long, metal hinge with screws and u-shaped nails. Get the 2 feet wood, place a metal hinge 6 inches away from one end of the wood, use screws to hold it in one place, place the other side of the hinge on a wooden spoon and screw it, put a big rubber band to the board using u-shaped nails, lastly put the loose end of the rubber band around the spoon. An egg catapult can be useful when carrying out an egg projectile project.
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1. Start with a 2-foot-long piece of wooden 2-by-4. 2. Attach a small metal hinge approximately 6 inches from one end of the wood. Use screws to secure it in place. Face the hinge
you put an egg in a cannon and shoot it. weeniers.
As the egg leaves the catapult, it would experience an enormous normal force from the surface of the launcher (this gives it the high velocity) It would also feel the force of gravity
Hi Pamela -- that's the study of Ballistics, and the path that the object follows is called the Trajectory. You'll need to do some research on your own, it's a whole discipline of
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How to Build an Egg Catapult
A well-designed egg catapult can be a simple, yet effective tool. The egg catapult is a fixture in many physics and basic science classes. Teachers may assign the building of a catapult as an individual or group project. Often, the resulting catapult is... More »
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