How to Win Egg Drop Contest?


To win an egg dropping contest, there are some rules you have to follow. An entry can win a prize if the apparatus hits the target and the egg survives. The apparatus with the least mass will win a prize. The one with the most points will win a prize.
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Use a pringles tube packed lightly with tissue paper, wrap the egg in tissue until it fits lightly in the tube, fit some cardboard fins at the top of the tube. to act as a flight,
A very thick sponge with a slit cut into it. It is not traditional packing material.
a small chicken egg dropped onto the heads of each of the presidential candidates at their next debates. If it's less than two stories, that's ok. I'll watch the whole debate on pins
peanut butter, it will be a little more stable. For my egg drop, I cut out one of the egg carton containers. Then wrapped straws around it. The flexing of the straws on impact should
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Many schools have contests involving egg drops or egg cars. These involve transporting an egg from one location to the other without the egg breaking. Experiment ...
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