What are some ideas for an egg drop experiment?


The egg drop experiment is a project done by many elementary school students. It teaches them about physics and how to work against it. Egg drop experiment ideas include using cotton and soft materials.
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Egg-drop experiments encourage students to build containers holding a raw egg that is dropped from ever-increasing heights or from a fixed height. Egg-drops are featured science activities
Can I make something for an egg so when I drop it it will not brake,YES or .no your opinion. O O. \/. \_/.
When I did that almost everyone used peanut butter, it works everytime. You can put it in a bag filled with peanut butter.
Fill a box with cheerios and placed the egg inside. The cheerios break easily and
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Ideas for an Egg Drop Experiment
The egg drop experiment is commonly used in physics classes to teach about free fall. It requires students to figure out a way to drop an egg in a container without the egg breaking. Students design containers to go around their egg.... More »
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