Egg Drop Project Ideas?


One kind of science project idea that a person can do is to do a egg drop project. It will not cost you very much to do the science project. In order to do the project, you will need the following items: about five small sealable plastic bags, one large sealable plastic bag, one egg, and Rice Krispies cereal. The cereal will protect the egg, you may want to get more than one egg so you can practice the project to where the egg will not break.
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Egg Drop Project Ideas
The Egg Drop Project is a classic science experiment that is a requirement for many students at the middle school or high school level. The basic project requires students to design a device that can prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from a... More »
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hey, i did this in school. what some people did were some very creative models: 1. an eagle with a para shoot so it can stay in the air. 2. a box nicely designed full of bubble rap
1. Divide the students into groups of four or five. Give each group a box of materials. Gather scraps of fabric, cardboard, foam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, milk cartons, cotton
parachute with a sm card board box with padding inside surounding the egg
Try fashioning a parachute of some sort. I did it and it worked fantastic! !
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With most egg drop projects you are trying to find a way to drop an egg without it breaking. You want to use something that will absorb the pressure from the egg ...
The egg drop experiment is a project done by many elementary school students. It teaches them about physics and how to work against it. Egg drop experiment ideas ...
The purpose of an egg drop project is to get students to think about how to protect something that is falling. An air resistant egg drop project might be one way ...
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