How do you graph egg flotation.?


Let the x-axis represent the amount of salt added to the solution (grams. Let the y-axis represent the distance from the bottom of the beaker/container holding the egg and water/salt solution (cm/mm. Place an empty beaker on a scale. Record weight.
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eggs float better with water and salt but they do not float in just water.
1. Carry out the experiment. One of the simplest experiments to perform is to use the same container, and drop the eggs from different heights. To ensure good statistics, the experiment
By putting alot of water. Anonymous
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One science project a child can do with eggs is the egg flotation science project. It will not cost you a lot of money to do the egg flotation science project. ...
Egg flotation hypothesis is what can be expected to happen when an egg is put in water. The person doing the experiment can hypothesize whether the egg will float ...
Egg flotation experiment is a technique or method of teaching students about density of both raw and boiled eggs. It requires one normal cup and fill it with water ...
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